Blue water, that's what it's all about....

Well, it's a bit more than that but we had to have a tie in to our name right?

Blue Water Solutions provides custom software and database solutions tailored to your companies needs and business flow. We focus primarily on helping small to medium sized businesses adopt and incorporate modern technologies into their current business structure.

Outdated database systems or even spreadsheets used to store contact, sales, production and daily business information can be updated using todays technology. Such information stored in this manner can slow the speed of communication down dramatically as well as waste valuable employee time keeping track of and using these antiquated systems of data storage. Pulling data from these legacy systems can be painstaking and results obtained can make analysis difficult if not impossible.

By developing a custom software system around your business model your opting for an easy to understand more streamlined approach than an off the shelf system can provide. All businesses are different in how they perform and keep track of daily information and off the shelf systems can only take care of a certain percentage of their needs. Therefore this requires the need for continued use of spreadsheets or other programs to keep track of your information. A custom software solution solves this issue.

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